Certify Responsibility Assignments – Automate User Access Controls

Certify Responsibility Assignments

Many Oracle E-Business Suite customers periodically audit who has access to what EBS Responsibilities…manually!

To automate user access controls in Oracle EBS, Absolute Technologies added Certify Responsibility Assignments™ (CRA) to its suite of GRC products. CRA empowers internal auditors and assignment approvers with an integrated, self service console to manage the complete process and documentation of user access certification. It eliminates IT’s burdensome role of extracting information (usually via spreadsheets) from EBS for auditors and approvers to review, collecting and consolidating the approvers’ decisions, and then taking action to end date designated assignments.

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    1. If CRA is purchased with the SoD Violations Manager module, CRA will report SoD violations associated with null prompts. Note that not all menu entries with a null prompt a deemed inaccessible. For example, subfunctions may be accessible without a prompt, as long as the user also has access to the Form Function upon which the subfunction targets.

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