Certify Application Auditor

Continuing Reviews of Application Auditor Audit Trails
Internal auditors review audit trails of transactions and database operations in a few minutes, every day, to certify that they are normal and authorized. They can also correct situations that are not.
Process Efficiency

CAA can eliminate manual administrative work usually required to sort and distribute audit trail materials to reviewers, collect the decisions, and assemble the certification reports. CAA keeps it all online. External auditors can examine the documentation in the system and generate their own reports.

You get process efficiency, audit accuracy, and continuous visibility.

The entire process occurs within CAA using Application Auditor's audit trails of DML transactions and DDL operations. Audit progress and results are available online for participants and stakeholders to view at any time.

Auditor Independence

CAA allows internal auditors to be independent of IT staff and DBAs when reviewing the audit trails produced by Application Auditor.

There is no need for IT to extract information from EBS for auditors and approvers to review.  Or to collect the approvers’ decisions.  Or to summarize reports.

CAA provides streamlined access to audit trails for the auditors.

Usage - Audit Managers
  • Assign audit trail records by table audit configuration to individual approvers.
  • Create named audits from random samples of audit trail records, according to various selection criteria, for detailed review.
  • Monitor approval activity and analyze results.
Usage - Approvers
  • Evaluate audit trails of transactions and database operations. Ones that met Application Auditor's exception criteria.
  • Set the status of the audit trail to approved, unapproved, pending further action required, and enter notes to document the review process and final decision.
  • Automatically request justification of EBS transactions from the user and manage follow up responses.
  • Upload documentation and evidence files, including approved change orders, and link them with audit trails.
Key Features
  • Dashboard graphs to monitor audit progress.
  • Comprehensive interactive reporting for audit managers and approvers.
  • Audit trail records can be associated with ticket reference numbers.
  • If a ticketing system has an accessible API (automated interface), Absolute can integrate ticket lookups and other functionality.
  • Any type of file can be uploaded as documentation for an audit trail, and viewed online within CAA.
  • No need to extract data and distribute it to reviewers and approvers.
  • Reduced preparation time and effort for external audits.
  • Installation is fast and simple.
  • No additional hardware or Oracle software to purchase.
  • Timely review and disposition of audit trails.
  • Permanent record of all decisions about high risk audited transactions.
  • External auditors can easily review the internal review processes and the source data.