ProView for BBB Intelligence

Why ProView BBBi?
This is the best way to see, analyze, report, and distribute BBBi data. Sales Operations Analysts and Finance Managers use ProView to review and analyze BBB Intelligence's net changes in bookings, backlog, and billings over strategic reporting periods. It's easier for Sales, Finance, and Manufacturing executives to make operational decisions with BBBi's accurate booking and backlog data. BBBi bridges the gap between the sales forecast and period ending revenue reports.
ProView for BBBi
  • Analysts and Managers can use their E-Business Suite user credentials to access BBBi data without needing direct access to BBBi, which resides within E-Business Suite.
  • Interactive reports provide full view only summary and detail access to bookings, backlog and billings by GL period, date, set of books, organization, revenue account flexfield segment, customer, sales order, salesrep and more…. .
  • Matrix reports summarize transactions by period for various strategic data points.
  • Specialty reports provide net bookings, backlog aging, net margin and order holds.
  • Easy to configure email subscriptions may be used to send daily and weekly ”flash” reports to management.
  • Reports utilize BBBi's global currency feature so you can immediately compare and analyze bookings or backlog across all operating units in your chosen global reporting currency.
Screen Images
  • BBB By GL Period Q3. Canada OU month to month beginning and ending backlog, in local (CAD) and global reporting (USD) currencies.
  • BBB By GL Period. Monthly backlog and net change, by Operating Unit, in global reporting currency, with Book to Bill (Fulfill) ratio.
  • BBB Booking Salesrep Summary. Chart showing sales bookings summarized by sales territory.

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