SoD Violations Manager for E-Business Suite

Achieve 100% SoD Compliance
SoD Violations Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) will provide Segregation of Duties (SoD) policy definitions, rapidly evaluate your instance to facilitate remediation, win outside auditor agreement, and help your company achieve 100% SoD Compliance.

Now available in the Cloud!  SoDVM Cloud

Reduce your audit fees.  SoD VM will give auditors the assurance that your SoD processes are effective and automated. Under PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 5, "the auditor may conclude that the automated application control continues to be effective without repeating the prior year's specific tests".
Cost Effective SoD Controls Analysis
SoD VM is a cost effective Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls analysis solution. SoD VM unravels EBS's access model.  You'll see who has access to what capabilities.  You define your SoD policies or employ one of our risk advisor compiled lists.   SoD VM immediately identifies the violations across users, responsibilities, business groups, ledgers, operating units, menus, functions and forms.
Other related GRC Goals?
Do you need continuous user access controls compliance on E-Business Suite? Add Application Auditor. Do you want to lower administrative costs and improve service levels of user access provisioning? Add  ProVision Responsibilities. AA and PV work with SoD VM to prevent user role and responsibility assignments that violate SoD policy. AA can prevent structural changes to roles, responsibilities and menus that violate policy. These preventive capabilities reduce the need for remediation. Do you need to audit and re-certify E-Business Suite user access rights every quarter or year? Certify Responsibilities facilitates periodic responsibility reviews, with certified approval or automated removal of EBS user responsibility assignments.
  • Define SoD policies on business activities, where the activities are groups of related EBS functions.
  • Analyze SoD user access on a periodic schedule or on-demand.
  • Identify the complete user-to-function access path, including responsibilities, menus, exclusions, functions, and sub-functions.
  • Exempt key users from evaluation to prevent false positive violations when separate policies apply.
  • Define and assign mitigating controls to SoD policies.
  • Integrate with AA and ProVision Responsibilities to enable Continuous Monitoring instead of periodic evaluation and remediation.
  • Risk ranked policies based on typical accounting controls for EBS.
  • Seeded list of critical policies defined by an SoD risk adviser.
  • No additional hardware or software to purchase.
  • Runs on your EBS instance, but is not accessible by EBS users for added security.
  • Report SoD evaluations on the day the software is installed!
  • Now available in the Cloud! Just upload designated EBS data and report SoD violations. No software to install, period!
  • Achieve 100% SoD Compliance.
  • Auditors see, adjust, and agree with your SoD policy.
  • Save time and reduce auditor fees.
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“As a technology risk advisory consulting firm, Focal Point is always advising clients on the importance of a strong internal control structure – especially within their ERP environment. For our clients running Oracle EBS, we needed an automated solution to efficiently identify and report SoD violations without installing software directly in our client’s ERP environment.

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Shuaib Shakoor


Focal Point Data Risk, LLC

ProVision Responsibilities [in conjunction with SoD Violations Manager] helps us identify potential segregation of duties (SoD) violations during the approval process before responsibilities are assigned, thus minimizing SoD remediation effort going forward."

Shubhada Pradhan, CPA

Sr. Compliance Manager

Synaptics, Inc.