GRC Certification for E-Business Suite

Review, Decide, and Prove
Minimize internal audit time.  Increase audit integrity. The Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Certification applications help your enterprise with various types of certification audits. They organize the work, and then prove what was reviewed, who made decisions, and what the decisions were. For example, you might need to certify that business process owners have reviewed all E‑Business Suite (EBS) user responsibility assignments according to certain criteria. Alternatively, you might need to demonstrate appropriate documentation and approval of all high-risk business transactions.
Process Efficiency
Does your organization currently rely on emails, spreadsheets, or help desk tickets to support certification? Do you need to clearly identify who approved transactions or configurations? Is difficult to collect, organize, and print quarterly audit certification evidence? If so, streamline the process with Absolute's GRC Certification products.Initiate the certification process.  Document the activity.  It's all in the system.  Owners and reviewers.  Questions and answers. Denials and approvals. Attach files, refer to support ticket numbers, and create certification reports.
Your Own Custom Certifications
Absolute’s certification framework is extensible and well integrated with EBS.  Contact us if you have other certification and compliance objectives you would like to automate.
Certification Products