Oracle APEX Application Development Services

Absolute Technologies offers Oracle Application Express (APEX) professional services. Based on the success of our commercial APEX applications, we are making our APEX expertise and platform available so you can deliver new applications within your organization and to your customers. We can help you accomplish your custom business application goals, through our APEX design, development, maintenance, training, and deployment services. For more information - Contact Us.
Empower Management
  • Departmental Managers who would like to accelerate introduction of new and improved business processes and reporting capabilities.
  • IT Directors with resource constraints that limit their ability to respond to business support requests.
  • Software Development Managers who want to shorten the APEX learning curve.
Potential Applications
  • Custom Business Processes not available in EBS, but which should integrate with EBS, and build upon the EBS users, workflow, technology stack, and data.
  • In-House Legacy Application Support Modernize and update legacy in-house developed applications currently using Oracle Forms and Oracle Database, or perhaps spreadsheets, when in-house resources are focused on other critical projects.
  • New Web Applications or Services for your customers, for their desktop, tablet, or smart phones.
  • Custom Interactive Reporting Your IT staff has a collection (or backlog) of ad hoc SQL queries or reports that analyze EBS and other data, and you would like to make them more interactive, with drill down, graphics, and dynamic filtering.
  • Existing APEX Applications You already have APEX applications that need updating, perhaps multiple applications developed by different teams where you'd like integration into a common platform. You may want to upgrade your APEX applications to take advantage of the current APEX release, Universal Theme, Interactive Grids, mobile device support, and other new features.
  • Enhance Absolute Products Create extensions or new features for existing Absolute products you're running.
Overview of Services
  • Explore We will explore your application goals and business problem with you.
  • Design In collaboration with your business analysts and technical staff, we will document a conceptual design of the application, database, delivery platform, possible EBS integration, schedule, and deployment.
  • Detailed Proposal Based on the conceptual design, we will propose a technological approach and architecture, with development, training, and deployment plan that uses your organization's resources and Absolute's.
  • Development If you accept the proposal, Absolute will then develop the application, train your staff in it's deployment and usage, and provide ongoing support.
  • Experience Our first product offering to use APEX was an extension to SOD Violations Manager in 2011.
  • On Premise and In Cloud Since then, most Absolute product extensions and new products have used the APEX application development and run time environment, in our customers' on-premises EBS instances, and in the Cloud.
  • User Compatibility Application Users only need a browser, since these are true web applications.
  • EBS Integration Our products extend the functionality of Oracle E-Business Suite and integrate with EBS data and APIs.
  • ProView We label these our ProView applications, and they all run in a common delivery model we call ProView. We find APEX a superior technology for applications compared to Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer, and the Oracle Applications Framework used in EBS.