Self Service Provisioning for E-Business Suite

Provision Resources and E-Business Suite (EBS) Responsibilities
Minimize administrative delays. Increase service levels. With Absolute’s Automated Provisioning Solutions, you can reduce the costs of equipping employees with Oracle E-Business Suite Responsibilities and other organizational Resources. Requests, approvals, and provisioning are automated. All three are integrated with EBS. A single system answers questions about access authorizations. You get process efficiency and visibility across the enterprise. Employees get what they need faster to do their jobs.
Provisioning Products
  • ProVision Responsibilities – End users and managers initiate self-service responsibility requests.  Then ProVision routes approvals and creates the responsibility assignments automatically.  When used with SOD Violations Manager, all responsibility assignments are also 100% compliant with your organization’s segregation of duties policies.
  • ProVision Resources – End users and managers initiate self-service requests for almost anything – including software accounts, infrastructure requests (VPN, File accesses, etc.), or physical objects like cell phones and laptops.  ProVision routes the approvals and orchestrates provisioning.