ProView for ProVision Responsibilities

Why ProView PV?
This is the best way to see and analyze ProVision Responsibilities data. Oracle E-Business Suite Administrators use ProView to review and analyze the responsibility provisioning process and related service levels. Provisioning teams have easy access and extended visibility to provisioned responsibilities data.
  • Administrators and Auditors can use their E-Business Suite user credentials to access ProVision data without needing direct access to ProVision, which resides within E-Business Suite.
  • Interactive reports provide full view only access to provisioning requests, SOD evalutations, approver responses, assignments, and their related performance metrics.
  • The dashboard displays a graphical distribution of requests by elapsed time to complete.
Screen Images
  • Customer example distribution of responsibility request provisioning times, showing over 80% are completed in 24 hours.
  • ProVision User Assignments to individual Responsibilities, highlighing those that exceed 1 day service level.