Extend User Visibility to Applications

Unifying Absolute Applications
ProView unifies and extends the reporting capabilities of Absolute's applications. User productivity goes up due to the data's improved visibility, flexibility, and usability.We built ProView on Oracle Application Express (APEX). Absolute is a leader in the use of APEX technology to complement E-Business Suite. It lets us deliver productivity capabilities to your users faster than ever before.
Foundation for New Products
Our ProView-based Certify products have all the features listed below. They also provide all the transactional and setup functionality in ProView, and have integration with relevant EBS data for extra Interactive Reporting.
Extensions for Core Products
Absolute offers ProView extensions for our core products to boost user productivity. These productivity boosters offer additional functionality where beneficial. If your organization has been using any of our core products, and want to get more value, ask us  how. We will show you what ProView can add, and help you quantify the benefits. See the lists below of the ProView productivity booster extensions, and the features you will find in the extensions and newer ProView-based products.
Productivity Booster Add Ons
  • ProView for Application Auditor - Database Auditors use ProView to gain consolidated access to audit configurations and audit trails, spanning DML transactions, DDL operations and database connections.
  • ProView for SOD Violations Manager - SOD Compliance Auditors use ProView to analyze the SOD conflict definitions and user access violations.
  • ProView for ProVision Responsibilities - Oracle E-Business Suite Administrators use ProView to review and analyze the responsibility provisioning process and related service levels.
  • ProView for ProVision Resources - Resource Administrators use ProView to review and analyze the resource provisioning process and related service levels.
  • ProView for BBB Intelligence - Sales Operations Analysts and Finance Managers use ProView to review and analyze net changes in bookings, backlog, and billings over strategic reporting periods.
Productivity Features in ProView
  • Interactive Reporting - Tailor standard reports to meet specific requirements.
  • Hyperlinked Data - Click through links to access details or related reports.
  • Dashboards - View key summary data and metrics.
  • Downloads - Export reports to CSV, HTML, Email, and PDF formats.
  • Uploads - Import spreadsheets to mass load configuration and master data.
  • Subscriptions - Receive reports periodically via email.
  • Graphics - Visualize data in graphs and charts to identify trends and anomolies.
  • Online Help - Utilize documentation via field pop ups, sidebars, and page overviews.
  • Integration - Access core E-Business Suite data to support IT and Business initiatives.