Certify Business Processes

CBP diagram
Periodic Reviews of Enterprise Business Processes
Transform email and spreadsheet-driven process audits into an automated, data-driven process. Get the job done faster. CBP allows internal auditors and process approvers to retain, distribute, and review of process flow [click] documents more efficiently. That simplifies process audits. CBP provides a secure - yet accessible - record of certifications.
Process Efficiency
Many Oracle E‑Business Suite customers periodically audit their business processes. This activity falls under governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) controls.  CBP guides audit managers and process approvers through this process. The audit manager creates a business process audit. CBP notifies the process approvers. Approvers access process documents in CBP to compare to the actual processes they observe. Finally, the approver either certifies the process or takes follow up action. They can revise the process documents to reflect what actually happens, or they can enforce the documented, approved process. You get process efficiency, audit accuracy, and continuous visibility.
Centralized Process Audit Documentation
Since CBP stores the data about processes, documentation, approvers, and audit results in the database, the certification data is secure and transparent. While the source process diagrams and descriptions are created and modified by numerous individuals throughout an organization, CBP keeps a "database of record" of the processes, people, and certifications.
Usage - Audit Managers
  • Create a business process hierarchy.
  • Load process diagrams and documents.
  • Assign processes to business process owners who will certify the documented processes.
  • Notify process owners and launch periodic BP audits.
Usage - Process Owners
  • Compare process diagrams and documents to actual business process flows and practices.
  • Decide whether to approve the process as is, replace the documentation, or defer the decision pending further review.
  • Document decisions with reason codes and notes.
  • Dashboard graphs to monitor audit progress.
  • Comprehensive interactive reporting for audit managers, business process reviewers, and stakeholders.
  • Installation is fast and simple.
  • No additional hardware or Oracle software to purchase.
  • Timely and orderly completion of business process audits.
  • Active and certified business process documentation is stored in a central location, accessible by internal and external auditors.
  • Permanent record of all certification decisions.