ProVision Resources

PVR process
Enterprise Provisioning
Assign organization resources faster.  And better.PVR will streamline, centralize, and automate enterprise-wide resource provisioning for a fraction of the cost of any other solution available on the market. You will immediately be able to determine who has access to what, why, when, and who approved it.



This supports audit and compliance initiatives in your enterprise. You’ll leverage EBS in new ways to improve your organization's productivity.

Resource Hub and Process Efficiency

PVR makes Oracle E-Business Suite the hub to define organization-wide Resources, eligibility rules for access, and approval policies. It automates self-service Resource requests and approvals, and coordinates provisioning activities.

Anyone with self-service access to EBS can request resources for themselves and their subordinates.

In one place you can track all the requests and assignments across all the different resources, and monitor service levels. It's easy to look for ways to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Shrink provisioning times. Centralize to a single, low effort process.  Would you like service levels like this customer? [click]

See ProView for service level and interactive reporting options.

All resource assignments can be audited with simple online queries, and integrated with existing EBS data.

Rapid Deployment
Your organization may already have multiple departments that already provision resources. PVR pulls all the different request and approval mechanisms into EBS, but does not take over provisioning. Instead, PVR generates and sends provisioning orders to the people or systems that control and provision the resources. Their work is simplified because all requests are already approved.This approach enables you to deploy PVR in a matter of weeks.



Enterprise Resources

PVR can support departmental and corporate resources [click] like these:

Self-Service Process Automation
EBS users request resources from a menu for themselves or their subordinates.   That initiates an automated flow of sub-processes that will:



  • Seek approval from designated approvers.
  • Process approver responses.
  • Notify designated interested parties.
  • If PVR can provision the resource automatically, it will, as it does with new EBS user accounts.
  • Otherwise, it emails the fully approved provisioning order, complete with all information needed for provisioning, to the resource’s designee.
Additional Functionality
  • PVR facilitates bringing contingent workers (contractors) on board by empowering the hiring manager to handle several functions in a self-service mode that coordinates with Oracle EBS HRMS and Purchasing.
  • The manager can: Create the EBS Person; Create the Job Assignment; and Request any initial Resources, which can include an EBS user account and initial Responsibilities.
  • It takes less than a half hour to set up a resource and the data for its provisioning order.
  • If a resource has an accessible API (automated interface), ProVision Resources can automate provisioning as it does with EBS user accounts and responsibilities.
  • It takes just a few days to set-up the approvers, associate them with their designated resources, configure user eligibility rules, and select status notification options.
  • User eligibility rules control who can request and receive resources.
  • Installation is fast and simple.
  • No additional hardware or Oracle software to purchase.
  • Increased service levels.
  • Reduced administrative workload and costs.