Lattice Semi – BBBi

Submitted by Cam Larner on 01/27/2020 0 comment

“I’m very satisfied with our recent deployment of BBBi software and how it captures our EBS sales order audit details, especially compared to our prior solution. The Absolute Tech solution is far superior.  It makes revenue management data readily available to the business users.  They’re finally getting what they

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Emerson Process – BBBi

Submitted by Cam Larner on 10/01/2018 0 comment

“As a senior consultant, I’ve twice encountered the BBBi solution from Absolute Technologies deployed at my client. In each case, Cam Larner of Absolute Technologies was immediately and helpfully responsive when contacted to address any product questions related to our project. (more…)

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Verifone – SoD VM and CRA

Submitted by Cam Larner on 03/15/2018 0 comment

“I’ve had the opportunity to use Absolute’s suite of products, at both Synaptics and Verifone. User access rights analysis and compliance were never easier than they are now using SoD VM and Certify. (more…)

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Focal Point – Hosted SoD Violations Manager

Submitted by on 11/04/2015 0 comment

“As a technology risk advisory consulting firm, Focal Point is always advising clients on the importance of a strong internal control structure – especially within their ERP environment. For our clients running Oracle EBS, we needed an automated solution to efficiently identify and report SoD violations without installing

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Charter Steel – BBBi

Submitted by on 09/18/2015 0 comment

"The BBBi software has been an extremely helpful tool in helping Charter parse our bookings data in a clear and concise manner helping us make intelligent business decisions backed up with accurate data.  (more…)

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