What if I don’t want SoD VM’s seeded SoD function conflict definitions, but I do want SoD VM?

You can use the SoD Policy Manager screen to set up function conflict policies, document the controls, and assign exemptions to users.  Since you create the function access policies using lists of values and seeded look-ups in an online form, it is easy to create and manage your own rules.

ProView’s Segregation of Duties Violations Manager (SoD VM) module adds capabilities to define function conflict policies and function groups using online forms with lists of values and seeded look-ups, too.  You can also upload spreadsheet data using a file upload or copy/paste technique.

An SoD and SOX analyst at one of our customers was given a conflict list by their PWC auditor.  She expanded on that, and created a spreadsheet of conflict pairs, which was imported into SoD VM.  She then had SoD conflict definitions that her company and the public auditor agreed on, and was immediately able to analyze user SoD access violations.